Emergency Eye Care in Troy & Rochester Hills, MI

Oakland Eye Clinic is equipped to handle all eye care emergencies. If you are experiencing discomfort, pain, and/or vision problems that are sudden, please contact us right away.

We do reserve a certain amount of emergency appointments during our business hours. Our receptionist will determine whether you need to come in right away, so please do not hesitate to call us.

Although rare, eye care emergencies can be very serious and detrimental to your vision.

At your emergency appointment, Dr. Hakimzadeh will evaluate your right away to address your concern and determine the proper and, if necessary, immediate treatment to preserve your vision and/or reduce your discomfort.

This is especially important for our LASIK and cataract surgery patients who have just undergone treatment. We will see you right away.

Likewise, we offer emergency eye care appointments for all adults and children. If you need to see an eye doctor right away, please call us immediately.

If you suspect you have glaucoma or you have already been diagnosed and you suddenly lose your vision or feel sharp pressure in the eyes, please go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

For emergency eye care appointments, we can be reached at 248.856.6500.

Thank You for Choosing Oakland Eye Clinic