Winter Can Accelerate Aging Of The Eyes

Scientists in a study conducted in New York have concluded that women who live in colder parts of various countries experience accelerated aging around the eyes. After following 5,000 women through the winter months.

According to the study, the lack of sunlight or Vitamin D, that is, can make the circles under the eyes appear bigger and darker. In fact, the study shows that winter can make the eyes in women appear five years older.

The results of the stuWinter Eye Agingdy were recently published in Daily Mail online, a well-known and reputable British magazine. The study was originally conducted in New York, where scientists found that more than 80% of women experienced enlarged and darker under-eye bags in winter versus less than 40% in the summer months.

“There seem to be specific wavelengths in natural sunshine that our bodies need, says Hector DeLuca, a biochemistry professor from Wisconsin-Madison University. Likewise, Vitamin D may not help much towards a range of other diseases where exposure to sunlight is believed to play a preventative role.”

So how do you prevent aging eye in winter? We have some tips to help combat the lack of sunshine on your skin and around the eyes.

1.    Take a power nap even if it’s just for 15 minutes. A power nap can trick your body into believing you have slept for much longer, making you look more rested.
2.    Apply a cooling complex to reduce puffiness
3.    Use eye creams that contain Vitamin K and Retinol. Use these even in the summer.
4.    Apply slices of raw potatoes to lighten the skin around the eyes. You can also use a chemical skin bleaching agent, but natural is always better to     prevent the risk for an allergic reaction.
5.    Also try slices of raw cucumber to encourage hydration of the skin.
6.    Eat less salt. Increased salt in the body leads to fluid retention, making your eyes even puffier.
7.    Stay hydrated and if all else fails use a concealer during the winter months. Make sure it’s good quality.

It is helpful to stay away from increased stress and get quality sleep. Stress and lack of sleep are the leading cause of many problems we face, including puffy eyes, accelerated aging and various other health issues. When you get stressed, just ask yourself: will this matter in five years from now? If the answer is no, let it go and stay healthy and young.

Always stay hydrated. It is recommended that you drink plenty of purified water to keep your body in its best and most youthful shape. And of course, avoid excessive smoking and drinking, especially during the holidays as this can affect not only around the eye area but also your vision and other health issues.

Here at Oakland Eye Clinic, we wish you a healthy and happy holiday season and a warm and joyful winter. If you are in the Michigan area and have eyesight or aging eyes issues, be sure to contact us for help. Dr. Hakimzadeh is a leading eye doctor and LASIK and cataract surgery provider.