Risks and Possible Complications with LASIK

As with any surgical procedure, LASIK eye surgery carries certain risks for complications. Although, Dr. Hakimzadeh treats only patients who are qualified for the procedure and pose less than 1% of possible risks, you should still educate yourself on this topic so that you can undergo the procedure knowing exactly what it entails.

One of the LASIK risks risks of LASIK is under correction. This means that the laser may not remove enough tissue to improve your vision to near perfect sight. However, this complication is easily corrected with a follow up procedure that is completed a few months to a year after initial treatment.

After LASIK, your vision may also return to pre-surgery sight due to hormonal imbalance, various eye conditions and sometimes even pregnancy. This is easily corrected on a case-by-case basis. Some patients may also develop astigmatism or difficulty seeing at night, all of which can also be corrected over time with either glasses that are worn at night or a follow up LASIK procedure after healing from initial treatment.

Dry eye is also a risk after LASIK surgery. Depending on the severity of dry eye after LASIK, there are various treatment options starting with eye drops to more advanced in-office dry eye care treatments.

Certain patients who suffer from dry eye already or other health conditions, such as autoimmune disease, may pose greater risk for LASIK complications. This is why it is extremely important that you discuss your eye health and general health with Dr. Hakimzadeh in great detail when you come in for your laser eye surgery consultation.

Prior to performing LASIK, we make sure that all of our Rochester, Sterling Heights and Troy LASIK patients are good candidates for the procedure. This greatly eliminates most risks associated with laser eye surgery as well as other refractive procedures such as cataract surgery. Please call us today to schedule your eye care exam and vision correction consultation.