Cataract Surgery Possible Complications

Cataract surgery is a very intricate procedure that can in rare cases lead to complications. Just like any surgical procedure, cataract surgery does pose some risk of minor to major complications. However, these are very rare, especially when performed by our cataract surgery provider, Dr. Hakimzadeh.

It is important to know that Dr. Hakimzadeh conducts thorough eye exams while qualifying each patient for their cataract surgery. In fact, the cataract surgery candidacy process is of utmost importance to us. During this time, we examine not only the patient’s complete eye health history, but also their general health history in ocataract surgery complicationsrder to evaluate any possible complications and their likelihood. This is why not all patients will be deemed cataract surgery candidates.

If any risks are identified during the pre-surgical process, Dr. Hakimzadeh will assess the likelihood of those complications and inform the patient. In addition, she takes preventative measures in order to minimize the risk of any complications.

The most common cataract surgery complication is posterior capsule opacification (PCO). It occurs in about 20% of all cataract surgery patients sometime during their cataract surgery recovery.  This complication leads to hazy vision after cataract surgery. However, it is easily treated with a laser. It is important that you check in with Dr. Hakimzadeh on a regular basis after your cataract surgery procedure and call her right away should you notice any unusual occurrences in your vision.

Most cataract surgery complications, although rare, are easily treated and therefore there is nothing to fear. If you pose a very high risk for complications, Dr. Hakimzadeh will not perform the procedure but rather suggest an alternative treatment.

At Oakland Eye Clinic, we have yet to see a patient experience any complications as result of cataract surgery performed at our clinic. This is why patients throughout Michigan come to see Dr. Hakimzadeh.

Likewise, we always strive to educate our patients, and you can rest assured that you will be informed of any possible complications that you may be at risk for before or after cataract surgery so you and your family, along with our Michigan cataract surgeon can make the best decision for you health and your eyes. Cataract surgery is a painless procedure and can improve the quality of your life with clear vision. Please contact us today or peruse our website to learn more about cataract surgery in Michigan, Detroit or Rochester Hills.