The Average Lasik Eye Treatment Cost

The average LASIK eye treatment cost per eye for patients in North America is around $2000. However, you can expect to be quoted up to twice that amount and may see it advertised at half that. There are many reasons for the wide price range, some of them completely due to the nature of the service being offered and some due to your own particular prescription. Either way, it is important to understand what you and your eyes are being offered for the cost that is suggested.

Clinical Influences On Lasik Eye Treatment Cost

It is essential that you shop around to find a doctor and treatment center that you are comfortable with. The cheapest LASIK eye treatment costs may be possible because the doctor involved is relatively inexperienced or the center offering the treatment uses older equipment. More expert ophthalmologists will charge for their expertise and treatment centers that have invested in current technology, will also come at a premium.

Other Influences On LASIK Eye Treatment Cost

The complexity of the treatment you require can influence prices. For example if your eyesight requires only slight adjustment a relatively simple procedure may be all that is required, whereas severe issues can require more complex treatment which will cost more to perform. Where you live or choose to be treated can also cause price variation, as busy metropolitan centers tend to be more expensive than those in smaller towns.

The level of investment that a particular provider has made in technology is also a major influence on costs. Remember that centers that have invested heavily in state-of-the-art diagnostic, corneal mapping and laser equipment will charge more than those operating older, perhaps bladed, equipment. Your insurance policy will also be a factor – some policies cover LASIK eye treatment and some don’t. Find out how your Lasik clinic deals with such cases.

How Do You Decide?

Keep your eyes open for practices that cover all the care you need – it’s important you get everything that’s required before and after surgery. This should include the various diagnostic examinations in your initial consultation and any follow up visits and check ups after treatment. Ask if the price you are quoted includes enhancements, sometimes known as touch ups. Some will include these in their estimates, while others will charge extra once you return for follow-up treatment. This can make a big difference in your final cost.

Cheap Lasik prices can sometimes apply only to the simplest of procedures and are unlikely to include the full range of the services that your treatment will require. They can be based on older equipment and procedures, might not include eye evaluation by experienced professionals, after-care or perhaps the thorough medical testing necessary for successful treatment.

It is important to you and your eyes that you find out all the facts about a potential LASIK provider before you commit yourself. LASIK surgery can be the best investment you will ever make so it is important that you make the best choice of provider.